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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Weekend

What perfect timing for conference! I have been looking forward to October's conference more so than I had to previous conferences. I'm not sure why, but just greater desirer to hear the talks. It was a perfect time for me though due to some recent events that were a little more emotionally painful than I anticipated. I don't know what it is about the bretheren of the church--the Apostles especially--but they exude such confidence and optimism, that it always puts me at peace. Somehow, whenever I hear them speak, I know all will be well. Or as President Hinckley says, "Everything will work out."
I was thrilled to hear of Elder (President?!) Eyring's new calling! He's always been a favorite. I also loved hearing Sister Julie Beck's talk on motherhood. Her first talk in conference years ago was on motherhood, and it won me over. She told us in the MTC that she had prepared a different talk, but then 6 weeks before conference it came to her very strongly to write on motherhood. She scrambled to change her whole talk around. But then, when Elder Perry stood up that conference to talk about fatherhood, she knew why she'd been prompted to change. The speakers don't know what the others are going to talk about, or the order, so it was really neat to see how much they had been inspired. I also remember her in the MTC taking time out of her Easter Sunday and the family waiting for her at home to shake all of our hands afterwards and meet us. I just like her. She's quality!
This weekend I also remembered some of the joys of being single. I can apply for EFY again...for the entire Summer! I can take a tour to Jerusalem or South America like I've always wanted. I can really pursue my grad studies without distraction. I'm not quite ready to get out there and date, I just really have no interest in it for now. Maybe in a few months or the begining of next year. But for now...I'm just drained and need to heal. It makes me think of that George Strait song, "She let herself go...to New York city, spent a week at the spa, came back knocked out pretty. When he said he didn't love her no more, she let herself go...to Vegas once, Honolulu..."

So here's my crazy plan so far: Double up Grad classes and finish my degree by June. Quit UOP. Then take the trip to Jerusalem with Brother Mcklay's tour for two weeks. Spend the next 4-5 weeks EFY'ing. See the fam. Start....teaching?? Dallas pays really well and I could get certified. I wouldn't mind going into the counseling field actually. LDS services? A school? i'm not sure, but I wouldn't mind one bit. I just need the next big challenge to look forward too! I would like to be ready to switch to teaching by the next school year......hm....food for thought!

Alright, enough blogging for one night! Good night world! :)


Monday, September 10, 2007


Hello World!!

So, though the only blogs I have yet seen are made by mothers showcasing their adorably cute children, I've decided to give the world of online blogging a try. I've been publishing my pictures on facebook...but it has become so public that...well, let's just say that just because I knew a kid back in 4th grade does not mean I want him reading about my life or looking at pictures of it now. I wanted to give this a try and see if I can keep it just family and close friends based. Short little updates of my life, travels, work, romance, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

I'd love to see some other family and friends start their own blogs too!

Hope you are all doing well!