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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip to Washington!

I realize it's almost been a month since I last updated this! Oops! Time flies when you're having fun I guess :) I took a trip to the Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon area at the end of September to see where Rob grew up. Beautiful place! It was just a short two day trip, but a lot of fun, and I had a field day trying to photograph it all! Rob also hooked me up with a Dentist friend of his who repaired a chipped filling. Sweet!

Multnomah FallsLook Closely! A lady offered to take a few pictures of us up on the bridge. Can you see us??
There we are!Lots of people offered to take our pictures--this is my favorite from the day :)And another awesome spot we found while troopsing around Oregon!
October has been my month of injuries! Rob and I went Mountain Biking at the Canyons one Saturday (Park City). A picture is worth a 1000 words so I'll summarize it this way:

Before Biking:

Me After Biking:Apparently you shouldn't use your hip as a brake! My 6 inch souveneir of the trip.
The day we got back Washington, my friend picked us up, then had me borrow her car so Rob and I could drive across the city to pick up MY car. As we were caravaning back to our houses, some random cones placed on a turn in the freeway forced Rob to merge into the other lane...where a group of oblivious and laughing teenagers were not paying a bit of attention to him. BOth of them came to a stop to avoid hitting each other, causing me to come to a complete stop behind them.

Unforunately, the lady whipping around the curve behind me didn't catch on to the change, allowing my car to stop her (instead of her breaks). Just a slight fender bender, but according to the chiropractic X-rays, It curved my spine a little. Yikes! Doesn't hurt too bad, but going in about twice a week to get it worked on.....still waiting for my free massage! My sessions have been canceled so far due to the woman being exposed to Swine Flu (!!!)
I've been recovering well from everything though, so no worries! The Bruises are gone, and scrapes nearly healed.

Other than that, we've been having a great time! Saturdays are our favorite, as we get the whole day to take some little adventure. Two of those adventures have been down to Provo, and it's been fun to show Rob my old college stomping grounds! We also have done some sessions in both the Portland & Draper temples--both of them AMAZINGLY gorgeous inside!!!

And what's a camera, without a few candid shots? :)