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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Recap of Summer

I've decided to try this blog again. Life seems to be a rush of learning and growing right now...and it might be a good idea to write some of it down. I love the lessons and am just trying to keep up!

This summer was FUN-tastic!! The highlights were a trip to Mexico with friends and a trip to Delaware with the fam. For some reason, it was one of my most favorite vacations with my family! I loved both trips so much that I decorated my whole bathroom with a beach theme...especially anything that reminded me of the east coast shoreline. Imagine how excited I got when I came home and met a girl who had just moved here from....REHOBOTH BEACH!!


(and how would Mexico pictures be complete without a picture with this cute old woman selling hand-painted art on the beach? :)


(David, Leslie & I enjoying some Delaware waves :)

(Leslie & Mom, Me & David, Mommom & Poppop)

Aww, we <3>

One of my favorite pictures of David during the trip--he's really learned to ham it up!

A highlight of the trip was learning more about my great-great-Grandfather, P.B. Elliott (the original Phillip Benjamin Elliott that both my great-g'father and grandfather are named after). He worked at the Indian River Life Saving Station ( a pre-curser to the Coast Guard at the turn of the century). I had visited the life station before and toured it....but this trip really hit home for me. I felt the connection with a man who spent his life in service to his fellow man....it's a trait that I see in my mom, in one that I hope I can continue to pass on to my kids one day. What really got me was watching the pictures flash by of 19th century CPR being performed on a stormy beach while Kathy Matea sang of the storms they overcame in this old Irish way. I HAVE to find that song, it was soul stirring enough to cement in my heart the awesome-ness of my g-g-grandfather's life :)

(David in front of the I.R. Life Saving Station that P.B. Elliott worked at)

(One of the pictures drawn in the 1800's showing how P.B. Elliott saved men from ships going down in the storm)

I've also had a lot of fun decorating my 1st leased apartment. They've been okay with any colors I splash onto the wall, or any holes I pound in as I constnatly rearrange all the works of art I seem to be obsessed with lately. I found a huge painting of The Creation finger-touch painting by Michaelangelo, and just love staring at it and contemplating the Eternities.....or gazing at a glowing sunset over a Tuscan field full of red poppies and feeling tranquilo :) Having a place feel so homey has let me finally host dinner parties and other gatherings...it's been soo fun!

The Delaware beach memories inspired bathroom :)

Showcasing some of my macro photography. Taking pictures of flowers was a sort of phase I went through earlier this year...it's on the backburner for now. All of these flowers were found right outside of my apartment!

My Tuscan inspired corner...or "The Red Wall" as it's affectionately called ;)

Decorating the top of the kitchen cabinets started as a big challenge! It's been fun finding things on huge discount at different stores and fitting pieces together.

By far, the best part of the summer has been the friendships! 6 months ago I was at a crossroads in my life, not quite knowing where to go. I was offered a job back in my homestate of Texas and seriously considered it for the chance to start something new. Instead, I chose to move to a new part of town...Ahwatukee. Funny how one decision can completely change the course of life! I have appreciated the friendships and loved the people I have met through the Tempe University 1st ward.

26th Birthday Bash!

Roomie & Me

I hope all who read this are doing well! Until next time,