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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Thoughts & Reflections

Hey world! It's been a while, and I apologize to all you faithful readers (okay, to all 2 of you...wait, my mom makes 3 :). I didn't realize how long it'd been since checking my site, until tonight when I saw Chelsea's latest blog read's "Elijah's 28 days old!". Last time I checked in, I coulda sworn he was just born! (By the way Chels, I am majorly looking forward to your update! :) This morning, in an effort to quickly find something slightly more spiritual for a Sunday, I threw on my "Prince of Egypt" soundtrack. An hour later, I was once again hooked to the powerful lyrics & melody, my feelings entangled in the story of Moses and the people of Israel, their plight for freedom, and their Red-Sea splitting faith. So engrossed was I in this music,that I listened to it driving to each meeting today (yes, I was the crazy person you saw at the red-light, trying to belt out Hebrew lyrics I didn't understand, intermixed with a few heart-felt "Let My People Go!!!" refrains....I may need to invest in tinted windows if I continue this trend!). I arrived at my Sunday Sacrament meeting with a deep awe for the love Heavenly Father had for His people. The intricacy of the plan laid forth to take His people out of bondage, to answer their deepest prayers, took literally decades to bring to pass. I felt an awe for the story, for the history of it all, and a great admiration for the life of Moses.

Only a few half hours later, I sat there in a Stake Sacrament meeting, 10 feet from the pulpit, listening to the stories of modern-day faith that have brought my peers out of bondage. I listened as our Leaders laid forth a plan to increase MY faith, and extend that "freedom" to others. I pondered as a speaker shared story after story of miraculous, intricate Divine intervention that saved individuals from physical or spiritual death. My heart took note as she testified of the great, individual love our God has for each for us. I don't know when in the program, but I had one of those "moments"--a sort of spiritual epiphany--where I was struck with complete and utter hushed reverence for the day and time in which I live. It was as if someone were gently telling me, "Yes, Beth, the days of Moses were miraculous. But look around you, you live in no less a time of miracles." Of all the billions of places I could be in the world today, I am here, in Phoenix, AZ, involved with the work of a church who is "in the business of rescuing". I have been given an opportunity to play a small part in the grand design of THIS time, of THIS day, of THIS age and people. It was a humbling and profound moment.

I know the Lord has perfect timing. I know that when we are living right, praying with faith, and bringing about "much righteousness" with the "power that is in us", He will not withhold the blessings that are the righteous desires of our hearts. Sometimes we fail to realize that the very thing we are praying for is already in process of being granted, even if we cannot yet see it. It was a lesson I was reminded of this morning as I listened to the pleas of God's people--not knowing that He was already preparing a man in their midst who would be their deliverer. Few things come suddenly. If they did, we would miss the opportunity to serve one another and grow. I say this because I feel the topic of "trusting in the Lord's timing" has come up again and again with all those I talk with, and with myself. Those are thoughts in my mind this evening :) I am so grateful for the service I am receiving from those here in Phoenix. I feel it a privledge to be here among you. Thank you, love you all :)

Hugs, Beth