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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009: Year of the Carrot

Sitting here working on wrapping it up for bed, I'm reminded of my New Year's Resolutions. Why, you might ask? Because as my tummy grumbles, a huge bag of carrots sits next to me. Just purchased last week, this 2 lb bag of rabbit food is nearly gone. Part of my New Year Resoultion has been to eat healthier...starting with no food 4 hours before bedtime! This plan would work...if only I would actually go to bed when I planned! Instead, the "no eating" rule stretches on to 6-7 hour marathon mini-fasts. Finally giving in, I munch on...carrots. And you know what? They taste good! I reaized tonight though, I better get use to this, because 2009 is not the year of Sugar and Spice, and everything nice....no, this is the year of Veggies, and green, and everything lean! Tofu, here I come...!

This past week has been extremely busy for me. So busy...that I've really had no interest in watching TV. So busy, and so fulfilling, that I've been able to push past the woe's of the new year, and find a real satisfaction with what I'm doing. The key has been a fulfilling job, service to the girls of 1st ward RS, and daily gratitude.

You know all those quotes from general authorities about gratitude making us happier? Now prepare yourself for a shocker: It's really true! ;) Everynight this week, I've jotted down a few lines of how I've seen the Lord's hand in my life, or tender mercie's of the day. I've started looking forward to it, and today I realized that I was even looking for things throughout my day to report about! And...i'm happy. I feel a happy, content feeling with life. Confusion over the future is still there, the questions are still there--but so is the feeling that I'm okay with it all and enjoying the ride!

Today I divulged my family history obsession and bought picture frames. I'm making my next project creating a huge 4 foot by 3 foot framed colage of old family photos. It should keep me busy for a few months, but if I do it right, it'll at least give me a visual aid for prosperity to use with all those stories I like to tell! :) At least if I start to ramble, they'll then have something to look at 'till they can distract me ;)

It's a new year, and new songs have been chosen for the blog! At least, through Valentine's season that is. I chose just a few songs, but these are the songs that all make me smile right now. The music players are like a snapshot of life--what am I wanting to listen to right now? Apparently, all country, and most talk of Love in some form (yes, I planned that purposfully for V-day!) Enjoy! I recommend giving all the songs a chance, but if it's really gratin' on your nerves something awful, just go to the next one. If that's bad too...try "Crazy Like You" by Josh Grider. Haven't found a person yet that didn't like that one.

And a PS thought for all you ladies in Phoenix with me--Joann Fabrics is offering a one day class on Rag Quilting with an adorable star pattern. It doesn't look too dificult, but fun enough (and cute enough!) to put the energy into. The workshop it March 7, at the Dobson location. Anyone interested??? Let me know! :)

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