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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts on a sick Day

I rarely get sick. I attribute this to my mom helping me build a strong immune system as a kid, or maybe just luck of the draw when blessings were handed out, but I honestly am always pretty healthy. Thus, when I actually come down with a fever for a day, once every other year, I take full advantage of the opportunity for down time!

Today was no exception. I actually woke up feeling terrible yesterday, but knew that if I called in sick, the kids would end up missing their fieldtrip. So I toughed it out, and sat there in the scorching 100 degree sun of AZ as they sang happy birthday down at Tempe Town Lakes. I came home and dived into bed, waking only 3 hours later to drag myself to the store for some meds & OJ.

I made an important decision last night in my delirious state-of-mind, standing in Basha's. I had a choice to make--Vitamin C drops, or OJ? Currently, as much as love OJ, I just won't buy it. Too expensive, disapears to quickly, and too much sugar. But when I'm sick? Oh yeah, the motherly instinct comes out and I pamper myself like crazy! I figured a glass of OJ has the same amount of Vita C as a drop does...costs about the same...and is MUCH more enjoyable! Thus I bought the most heavenly Orange Juice out there: Simply Orange with Mango. OH MY LANTA. I can testify that this drink alone has cured me! Not only for the amazing viatmins found within, but for the smile it puts on my face!! I sat there, relishing that mango in my mouth today, thinking back to the memories of becoming addicted to it in Brazil, and thought, 'Yep, God loves me! He sent me mangos :)"

As you can tell, days off are not that exciting (I'm contemplating the joys of Orange/Mango Juice all day...), but actually really enjoyed some other highlights. I finished reading this 11 page talk that my friend recommended. I bet the guy was a good missionary--after recommending it quite afew times, he finally got me to read it by saying we'd talk about it after tennis this week! I'm glad he convinced me though, it was a powerful talk that helped me more deeply understand, and appreciate, the Atonement. http://reperiendi.wordpress.com/2007/06/11/the-atonement-by-cleon-skousen/ . Big thanks to Rob for the article! I also heard a great talk from Sheri Dew, and listened to Gordon B. Hinckley's "Stand a Little Taller" (check it off the want to-do list :)

After that, a 3 hour nap, and half a bottle of Orange-Mango Heaven later, I found a few emails in my genealogy email (yes, I have a seperate email for this!). GREAT emails! Long story made short: For 5 years I have been working on a few families that frequently marry into my line from 200 years ago. A descendant of these families contacted me, offering further info & pictures. Today, I got the pictures. Putting a face with a name, and seeing them in a family unit, added a whole new level to the work. The love for genealogy work I've been given is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life, and days like today reminded me of that :)
Just so that I don't sound too relief-society presidentish with all of that (seriously--one guy thought I only listen to hymns all day. With blogs like this, I'd see why he'd think that. That's NOT the impression I'm going for here, those are just the bright points of my day. Funny how they all have to do with gospel principles huh? Gospel just makes people happy :), I'll have you know I also watched my fare share of mindless, though thoroughly entertaining, fashion-shows, sitcoms, and played a computer game. My laundry got done, blogs were read, news was checked, and a good amount of loafing happened :D

End result? Fever broken, cold is gone :)


Debbie said...

Who are the Johnsons? The girl on the bottom row 2nd from the right looks like Dorothy McConnell Alamo. The guy standing to the far left reminds me of someone too - can't think of who just yet.

TU1 said...

We have Johnson's on our Elliott side, but these Johnson's married into the Walls/Rust families A LOT. The mom in this photo is about 3 of our ancestor's first cousin. Her name was Elizabeth Rachel Simpler. Her children married other descendants of our ancestors. Small town... :)

Crystal said...

Glad you're feeling better...I think I caught your cold. OJ sounds divine. Maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow. :)

Chelsea said...

I'm glad you're no longer sick! I promised you when we were comps that I would get into geneology. When I read this I remembered that I still haven't really and truly kept up my end of the bargain. You are an inspiration to me!