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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ramglings of a girl with no sleep, just tryna record a good week down :)

It's funny how just one week can turn your life around. I won't go into details, but let's just say it's been a tough couple of weeks. I can truly say though that evry earnest prayer has been answered this week, in ways I would have never expected. I guess it was a week of tender mercies :)

I've got a few decisions I"m trying to make in life, which has caused a whole world of confusion. I am grateful for wise & worthy priesthood holders than can deliver blessings of comfort & direction.

I spent the end of my week off with an impromptu trip down to Tuscon to see one of my oldest & dearest friends, Rachael (Kuttler) Nielsen. It's funny cause she called and warned she wouldn't be wearing make-up when I got there...which honestly made me laugh! Our time together has consisted of childhood, days of braces, glasses, early-morning seminary, those awkward-teenage years, hideous halloween costumes (who's pictures we really should burn by the way), 6 years of Girls' Camp, a High Adventure marathon 3 day road trip to west Texas...where we learned how to pee on bushes...*shudder!* AND illegally waded across the Rio Grande into Mexico, one crazy service project in Houston swampland that turned into a mud bath, and countless numbers of sleepovers (complete with green facial masks). I realized in all our time together, we've spent about 90% of our friendship Al Natural!

It was such a good visit though. Rachael is Super Woman! She doesn't know it, but she just has things together, and I love the opportunities I have to spend with her. This trip was especially special for me because of the talk we had last night. Turns out we've both been struggling with the same feelings--even in our 2 completely different lifestyles (her a Homemaker with 3 kids under the age of 4, me workin' it up & trying to navigate the single's scene). I think it was a relief for the both of us to find we weren't the only one's who struggle, and that we could relate to each other. I honestly left that 6 hour marathon conversation so edified, I'm still getting warm fuzzies about it! We enjoyed it so much, we both only got 2 hours of sleep before the kids were up and pancakes were being served (by Super Woman :) Love that girl.

One of the best parts of the trip: I got to spoil her kids wrotten! Since I don't have nieces/nephews, I have to rain gifts upon the children of friends/former roommates/comps. It's so fun :) With this particular trip, there were a few kid-friendly items I was trying to get rid of. It's so fun to me to see kids like a gift! Below are the pictures of Rachael's super-cute little brude :) Hayley, Austin & Will (notice neither Rachael nor I are in any pictures...we'd reverted back to the no makeup/no sleep look of our youth, & made the good call to not document the occassion with any evidence!)

I can't believe how much they look like Rachael!

Showin' off her new clothes. She totally surprised me by grabbing the clothes out of her gift bag firt, leaving the barbie doll behind so that she could run and try 'em on!

Austin cracks me up, he's quiet...but with a slightly ornery sense of humor, and just so dang cute!

Will seriously had this grin on his face almost every moment hew as awake. Such a cute, laid-back kid :)
This kiddo's grandpa was my stake President...and he looks just like him! I think so anyway :)

I wanted to get back to Phoenix in time for a fireside from Elder Scott, so I left pretty early (which is good...cause the night before my 2 hour trip turned into 4 1/2 when I missed the exit & ended up half way to Mexico before I realized it). With a bit of extra time on my hands, I stopped by what might just be my favorite restaraunt: Cracker Barrell. Just something that feels like home about that place (probably the kajillion stops there in childhood during road trips). I always thought it'd be weird to eat in a restaraunt by myself, but it was actually pretty nice. I got quick service, didn't offend anybody by texting at the table, and honestly just enjoyed the thinking/relaxing time in a place that feels so familiar to me. Anyway, this is probably not an exciting enough topic to legally blog about....but there is something exhilerating to me STILL to be on a roadtrip by myself & stop when I want to stop, exactly where I want to stop. Some people go sky-diving for that thrilling feeling of freedom...but I just go to Cracker Barrel ;)

Anyway, it was perfect timing, I made it home in time for a quick shower & seat at Elder Richard G. Scott's fireside. I love him. Mainly because he loves us, and he seems to have made it his personal mission to help us feel the love of Christ. He started the "talk" by telling us to not write down what we heard, but what we felt. I came away from the night with 2 solid pages worth of notes, inspiration, new ideas, and insight...all from the feelings that came. He testified of the exact things I needed to be strengthened in, about things I've prayed about lately. My heart was full, just realizing how aware my Heavenly Father is aware of what's going on in my life. This week he sent me counsel, comfort, friendship, Rachael, and even one of his Apostles.

The number one lesson that I was reminded of this week: if you reach out to others, spreading service and joy, you'll find happiness. But I think even more than that...you'll find peace :)

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