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Monday, December 21, 2009

Proposal Story

So, amidst the hustle and bustle of wedding planning--and who threw Christmas into the mix??!-- I have neglected my blog! Needless to say, I am marrying the most amazing man in the world on Jan 8, 2010. The last post was a link to engagement pics.  But for now...I'm going to share "The Engagement Story".

Rob actually proposed twice. I was awaiting some amazing confirmation from the heavens, so I didn't say yes the first time. It was at a beautifully romantic setting (the Draper Temple at night), with a view of the city lights to my right, and an illuminated temple behind him as he kneeled on the ground.  I was so shocked at what he was doing, I actually dropped my blanket!  At first I thought he was joking and said, "Yeah right, you have to have a ring for that!!".  My mouth fell open again as he pulled one from his pocket!  I (embarrassingly enough) said
 "Umm....I guess?". When I wasn't quite ready to set a date, Rob politely took the ring back and said he'd ask another time.  He did take a few pictures of the ring however, to keep it fresh on my mind ;)

After receiving the amazing spiritual confirmation I had been praying for, I took off for Yellowstone for a week with a group of kids from my school. Rob and I wrote each other everyday....only without email or postal service, we had to keep our letters until we could get back and show each other what we had written!  The week of reflection really helped me A) miss Rob! and B) adjust to the idea of leaving single life for married life.  By the time I got back, I was completely brimming with excitement to my very own Prince Charming!  We happily greeted each other, and Rob drove me home. I was EXHAUSTED from a week of treking around Yellowstone in blizzards, and caring for children.

But when I opened the door to my room....I Saw this!
With a ton of personal (and meaningful) touches, Rob had created the perfect Romantic atmosphere!  He had my teddy bear proposing to a cat with a ring pop (note the cat's look of surprise! He got velcro to hold its hands up that way!). He also decorated the ceiling with stars (something I had mentioned I loved back in July!), with a message that said, "Beth and Rob 4 ever!".  He also only put my favorite chocolate out for the picnic, and tracked down a scented candle I said I'd liked once.
In the midst of being amazed and surprised, Rob asked if we should listen to a little music, hit play on a hidden CD player, turned down the lights so that all we saw were the stars on the ceiling, and began dancing with me to a song I'd requested he listen to.  The song was "The One" by Gary Alan, a song where a man promises the woman he won't rush her, just steadily be there until she knows that He's the One.  That moment meant so much to me!

After dancing to quite a few other songs that fit our relationship, Rob put on "Our Song" (Brad Paisley's "Then"), and when he turned around from pressing play, he was already on one knee, with that ring box popped open!! This time, I was happily crying and gave a whopping "Yes! Or course!! Yes!!!" answer!! We hugged, took pictures, and celebrated with some glasses of Martanelli's!
I LOVED Rob's creativity, and persistence in "sealing the deal" with me.  It's been a whirlwind of wedding plans since that night, but a decision I will never regret. I grow more in love with this man everyday, and am 100% sure at this point, that I have found my "one". :)


Chelsea said...

YAAAY!! How fun to hear the story. I am so completely and entirely thrilled for you!! Being married to your best friend is the best ever! Congratulations and good luck!

summerbummer said...

i love your story!! Rob's such a sweet guy! You're SO lucky!!! (and he's way lucky to have you too!!)