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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes"

Dreams. Sometimes I have them, but usually don't remember them. They have played interesting roles in my life, even to the point of steering me down certain paths. More often than not however, my dreams are like a good movie--and I enjoy staying asleep to watch them!

Last night was no different. I had a missionary dream! In the dream, I was traveling with a YSA group to a foreign country. We were playing some kind of Secret Santa game, and my Secret Santa had a young local boy bring me a carved tree trunk they had made (yeah, only in my dreams!). It was somehow gospel related, and really cool. Everyone ooooh'd and ahhhh'd over it. I asked the boy if I could give him something in return for being so kind and brining it.

I ran back into my apartment and searched for the Joy to the World DVD. But somehow...the next part of my dream was me sitting in a hotel lobby with this little boy, showing him pictures from a book about the importance of families. As we were looking through the book, he excitedly pointed out pictures of his family members. Apparently, the church had used pictures taken in this area for the book. Two local women wanted to know what the fuss was about. I looked up at them, to see the familiar faces of women who were in the book! They came over and a discussion about what the book was, who the church was, and their interest in the book insued. (*sigh*, if only it was that easy in real life!). BY the time the dream was done, I had 3 referrals for the sisters in the area. OH, and the great part. The whole dream was in Spanish. I LOVE it when that happens!

Just a silly dream, I know, but I loved the feeling of sharing the Gospel again. I remembered as I woke up, that it gives me a slight adrenalin rush. I woke up smiling, it was great! :)

The night before that, I had a dream of trying to solve a murder mystery...or trying to prevent one? I dunno, it was detective work, and old friends were involved. I think the suspense and mystery came from the Twighlight books I've been reading lately, and the Sherlock Holmes detective work came from diving back into genealogy the last few days (complete detective work!). It was random to see old friends in the dream though, and it made me wonder how they're doing when I woke up. Thanks to the joys of email and facebook, I was able to find them all and send a quick note to see what's up in life.

Random, I know! But always interesting to me to see what we dream about in certain times of our lives. :) Now what do they mean? Psychoanalyze away! ;)


Chelsea said...

I have no idea what they mean, but I got a mental image of you reading a book with obispo Ferreira's little son... what was his name? i know that wasn't what happened in your dream, but I have so many fond memories together. I have just ordered a book I made online with all my letters home and pictures and some of my journal entries from the guay. I'd love to show it to you whenever I see you next!

Crystal said...

I enjoyed hearing about your dream. The part about the 3 referrals gave me a chuckle. :)

Beth said...

Hahaha, I know--3 referrals in one day only happens in my dreams! :) Eros was Obispo Richard's son--I forgot the last name was Ferrera. Yeah, he was adorable, and such a cool kid!
Chels--I"m ecxited to see your book! Did you base it off the blog you created of old mission letters home? What site did you go to?

CeeJ said...

I love that you can remember your dreams!! And that you are a super detective, missionary, crime solver! You're awesome!!
(when you're dreaming AND when you're awake.) :)