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Monday, December 22, 2008

You Know You're in Texas when...

Take one week road-tripping it through Texas, mix in a trigger-happy digital camera finger, sprinkle with my simple sense of humor, and that's right folks--ya'll all have the perfect recipe for Only in Texas Pictures. Enjoy! :)

Let's start with the obvious...
And to think people gave me a hard time for hanging a small TX flag up now and then my freshman year of college! I Took this outside the LBJ Ranch tour. Notice the lights are on. I think she saw me eyeballin' her pride and joy and checked the alarm system from afar :)

Texas Furniture--and no, Aggies have no qualms about using a longhorn to make furniture they can sit their tush on!

I am so popular!
Only in Texas do I find my name on everything! Hardware stores, restaraunts, streets, and apparently on restored stoves at an 1880's Living History Farm! :)

A cute TX botique
Considering the rest of the world considers Giraffe hide and hot pink to be the "in" item right now, cowhide and red doesn't seem like such an odd combo anymore!

One of my favorites!
That's right folks, for only $2 million smackers, you, yes you, can be the proud owner of a TX town who's motto is "Good songs, Cold beer". Dance hall and fancy restrooms included. Located only 20 miles from Lukenbach (of "with Waylin, and Willie, and the boys..." fame!), the town's 4 occupants live in a classic 1971 home. (and yes, this is ALL advertised on the above sign. :) It's honestly a charming area only a few miles from my Grandma's home in the Hill Country...I've just never seen a town for SALE before! :)

And I saved the best for last! Thirsty anyone?

I have LOVED my time in Texas this past week, reconnecting with family and the culture I grew up in. It is a good way of life, and a great background to have. Please don't take this as me poking fun of my home state--I love this place! We Texans aren't blind to finding a little humor in ourselves though. Hope you enjoyed! Ya'll come back now, ya'hear? ;)

1 comment:

Nathan said...

This is great. How it reminds me of my mission. I miss it there. Glad you had fun.