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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last night, we had a fantastically decorated, caterred dinner for about 300 single adults out here, a pretty cool way to start off V-day festivities! Spent the rest of the evening playing games with friends and chatting about life until pretty early in the morning. What a lucky gal I am to have such good friends!

Started my official Day of Love off with an 8:30 game of Ultimate Frisby. I can honestly say playing it with a bunch of 4th graders & a football yesterday was a little bit more in my comfort zone, but still a great way to start off my Saturday :) Then came home to a lil' bit of love! Great thing about having the same roommate for so long, we love giving each other gifts for holidays!

I gave Lynn the rosebush & Jamba. She gave me a new "America's Next Top Model" jacket!! Haha, I died laughing trying to take pictures modeling my new "model" jacket ;)
Rest of the day consisted of showin the Lord a little love by cleaning the church, showing the girls a little love by visiting teaching (REALLY fun visit, I love Nuvonna!!), then a good V-day themed movie, dinner with friends, and then bustin' out Top Gun for a friend who's never seen it! On my insistance of making him a true blue American, we had to watch it. LOVE that movie...thus wrapping up nicely my little day of love :)
PS! The above is what I made this past Tuesday at RS stake training. Thought it was a good quote to stick up in our classroom. It's not perfect, but it's my first fancy home-made quote for the wall :)

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CeeJ said...

What a fun V-day!!

I think you are so awesome Beth!! Hope you know that!!! :D