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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

Yes, that's right! This is (what at least feels like) the 3rd post this week! My cold has made things a little slow around here, giving me a bit more free time...to do things like update my blog :) Today was quite the busy day though, and one worthy of report!

I started the morning helping 1st ward celebrate the baptism of our newest member, Kindra. The first time Kindra visited us in Relief Society, I thought she was already a member. She was so attentive, and had such great insight during her comments, she just fit right in! She is truly a very special individual--always a smile, and someone who has truly sought out, and found the church on her own. She said her 2nd visit here, the missionaries were able to answer all the questions no one else ever had, and she knows it's all true. She's our little "blond bombshell" (as Brother Everetts put it Sunday morning at the podium!) that is taking the ward by storm! Welcome Kindra!
It's been a while since I've either had/made time for a temple visit, so I swung by afterwards. Beth Dibble gave me the great idea of using temple visits for photography practice too :) I loved the Saturday morning visit, mainly because of all the cute little kids running around on the temple grounds, dressed up for weddings. There's such a feeling of peace there, especially when you look around and see all the families. Beth is much better about choosing only 1 flower shot to go on her blog. One day, I will be able to be like her....for now though, I can't decide, and put all my favorites :)

Little & BIG Buzzing Bees!

This one above is my favorite for some reason! Just really like it! :)

The other night, Lynn and I visited the Deseret Book by the Chandler Mall. Besides being about the best store EVER, this particular one has a Lion's House bakery inside, and smells absolutely heavenly!! After half an hour in there, we walked out into the night, and our noses were accosted by the greasy smell of In-and-Out Burger. Now, I'm just as big a fan as the next person, but it was such a startling contrast to our senses after the light aroma of bread baking....well, it was honestly pretty disgusting! That analogy made me smile coming out of the temple today--it's the same feeling to our spirits to leave the temple, as it was to my nose to leave that bakery :)

Ended my afternoon in Mesa up with a little 1st ward Basketball. I am happy to report that we girls won by a landslide--74 to 20 something (I think,maybe it was 40-somethin'). I honestly haven't played an official basketball game in probably about 10 years, and it was a blast! I love the girls on the team--their encouragement, and coaching they offered. I'm also glad it's an all-girls team, as I completely squealed with delight the 2 or 3 times I actually made baskets! Haha, I'm thinking that wouldn't fly as well on a guy's team! It was fun to see some skills actually come back too....though I have to admit, it's really not that hard to have "skill" when the other team's tallest player is 5 foot 4! :) In all our sweaty glory, we followed the game up with a group lunch at Sweet Tomoto's (think Soup or Salad for those not out here), where I had the privilege of getting some great one-on-one time with Wendy, who is quickly becoming a favorite person :)

All-in-all, today was a thumbs up in my book!


Jess Pollard said...

Hey Beth! I love the pictures at the temple! Isn't it the greatest spot on Earth? I seriously love it. Anyways keep teling Amber and Steph to invte us over and then maybe we could hang out for a little bit. It is so hard with Bryn to do anything anymore. And I know how you feel with the cold, I have one too dang it. I hate winter colds, but hey at least it should rain in the next few days and I like the winter rain so it all evens itself out. Love ya!

Crystal said...

These are awesome pictures, Beth! I totally love them; your talent is amazing. :)

Glad you had a great day and I hope you feel better soon. Drink some emercenC. :)

Hannah said...

So I didn't exactly read your blog Beth, but I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures =]

I might read it later. haha.

I'm also hoping that in leaving this comment you will be able to comment mine =]

Bethany Dibble said...

Great pictures Beth! We should take them together sometime.