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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Inherited the Goofy gene!

A little less than a year ago, my good friend and former roommate, Crystal Leckie came for a much anticipated visit to Arizona. To keep her entertained, and show off AZ a bit, I took her hiking up the only mountain I have ever hiked here: Squaw Peak. I thought the name alone should elicit fond memories of giggles and shocked gasps from our Provo days when a trip up Squaw Peak did NOT mean a hiking trip! (Squaw Peak is a well known make-out spot in Provo. I never really knew anyone that went up there, but the name alone inspired all kind of scandalous gossip of any who even set foot, haha :)

Anyway, so we set out for this hike early morning. Now, I have grown in appreciation of hiking, and absolutely love being completely encompassed by nature. However...every time I go, I am at a complete loss for what to wear. My first hiking experience at age 17 was up Mt. Yale in Colorado--where snow glistened in the sunlight , while I froze my tail off. Since I have an even lower body temperature than I did then, I tend to over-plan for possible chilliness and throw on a jacket. Then I rethink my preparedness plan (we ARE in Arizona after all), and take the jacket off. Off and on it goes throughout the morning, until finally I reach a compromise by putting on layers. And of course, above all, I need to look like I'm wearing something Athletic.

The point is dear readers, this was the logic running through my head, unfortunately at an hour way to early for my brain to function properly. I DID end up over-dressing, requiring some compensation in the form of rolling up my sweats. In the end, what all hikers going up the mountain saw was this lovely creature:

Now of course, after hiking about 20 feet up this climb, I realized just how ridiculous I looked, because I saw that all the other hikers were wearing what I SHOULD have worn...normal hiking clothes. Not being one to shy away from a good laugh at myself, I put a grin on for the camera, and took my picture! It still gives me a good laugh though!

Now for the real reason I'm writing this story! Today, my uncle completed his project of scanning and posting all the old photos in the 13 old photo albums at my grandparent's house in DE. Among those photos were the old one's of my Poppop's days in the Air Force, and his time stationed in Alaska (1950's). Amongst that pile, was a very familiar pose:
Same rolled-up pants, same hands on hips, and same "Hyuck, hyuck, aren't I funny?" goofy grin on our faces. Yep, I think we're related! haha, what can I say? I can't help it--I inherited the goofiness!! :)


Crystal said...

Hahahahah!!!! This is hilarious! I'm so glad you put this on here so that I could see the other picture. That really was a great day made even better by your fabulous outfit. :)

McKenzie Hansen said...

Beth!! You are adorable! I love reading your blog! I actually just hiked Squaw Peak 2 weeks ago. I hiked it at sunset, totally recommend that, it was gorgeous!

Thanks for your sweet comments about my blog. I guess you could say its kind of sort of my secret hobby. I have a lot other blog layouts but I also design announcements, cards, invitations, stationary, etc. I'm silly like that.

The P&P music is my favorite. I listen to it incessantly :) I will make you a copy of the CD!

P.S. you are amazing, thanks for all that you do. I love you.