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Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Better!!

I really have to start busting my camera out up here in Utah a little more often. I come on here to update, and have no visual aids!! Suffice it to say.....I AM HEALTHY again!!! (Yay! *clap*clap*clap*!). I was a little worried my "disease" (as Dr. Tx so kindly put it), would last months--but after getting quite bored this past week on bedrest, AND spending a whole day yesterday running around town and not getting tired, I've realized that the stinky Mono virus is gone!! May he never come back!!!

So now it seems the real adventure begins! I get to try out my new ward today (by myself--ack! Slight anxiety with that one, but I know it'll be fine once I give it a week or two......or three or four...:) AND I finally get to start my new job on Monday! I went to a parent orientation on Friday, where I was introduced to the parents of a bunch of children I have never met, then blankly tried to answer their random questions: "Tell me, Ms. Beth, what do those Greek symbols on the poster over there in the random corner say?" uh............sorry! It's all Greek to me!

I am thrilled however to finally have some energy back and get back to a normal life! It's been awesome to have some extra time on my hands and slow down a little bit. Got to work on some stuff I never take time for (we're talking busting out the old crochet skills & listening to Tennis Shoes Among the Nephite tapes...I'm sorry, but Harry Potter has nuthin on that adventure series! :)

I also have been enjoying the adventures of living with an engaged girl one month before her wedding! Sandra is awesome and has been one of my closest friends for 8 years. I love the long talks we have about relationships in general, what we're learning, what we love, what we're confused about, and just the general strength and peace we bring to each other. I was actually sitting in a temple session this past week, surrounded by women, and had this longing come over me to be with Sisters again (i.e. I miss Relief Society!!!!!). There is something sacred and awesome about the bond between girls!

OH--and I may have found a new fave restaurant! Rob and I went to some steak house last night....and wouldn't you know I can't remember the name! :( Anyway, it was kind of like the Texas Roadhouse, only fancier (you couldn't throw the peanut shells on the ground!). Really nice place, great service, and the food was a-MA-zing! They gave me this baked sweet potato, complete with cinnamon butter, marshmellows, and toasted pecans. HOLY HANNAH! It was like sweet potato pie for dinner...mmmm, mm :) Anyway, I highly recommend this place to any and all who can figured out the name of it! It was by Trolley Square....which means nothing to all of you outside of Utah! Oh well! :)

Happy Sunday everyone, and have a great week!

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Jimmie said...

The pictures are just wonderful, Thanks. So glad the Mono and the Bu-Bus are all better. Sounds like Utah agrees with you.