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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brad Paisley & Mountain Splendor!

All Summer, I'd heard about the Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley concert tour. It was coming to Phoenix!.....but in October, after I'd moved. It was at the Delaware State Fair!......but the day AFTER I was there. When I moved to Utah, I saw it would soon be playing here! And guess who got us tickets to go? We had a great time singing along to the songs & hiding under blankets when it started to rain! It was fun to see Rob laugh at the funny Brad Paisley songs he'd never heard (if you're not familiar with the guy--you tube a few of his songs. He's got quite the sense of humor, poking fun at our society!). The music also gave Rob the itch to go Country Dancing, causing him to spontaneously twirl me a few times, and declare music like that gives him the desires to move clear out to the middle of no where, and bail hay! :)Earlier that day, we tried to catch a tour at the Mt. Timp caves, but opted out of waiting in line for 3 hours. Instead we drove a little further for some great pictures, and exploring-the-woods adventures! I LOVE being out in nature. A fellow teacher this week said Utah "feeds her soul"--and I'd have to agree. This place is beautiful!!

We crossed a fallen tree to get to the other side of a creek, only to find that there was about a 20 foot climb up a 75 degree angled mountain side. Rob opted to shimmy up another fallen tree, while I got on all fours and pulled myself up the side, using roots, and a random rock or two! After trompsing through the woods for a good 15 minutes, Rob had the great idea to just take our shoes off and cross the creek (instead of go wayyyyyyyyy back and slide down the mountain wall, then cross the tree). It was a great idea!! Well......until we stuck our feet in the water! I thought Bear Lake was 10x's colder, but Rob thought it was nearly ice water and couldn't get out of it fast enough! All in all, it was an awesome day--lots of beautiful scenery, great music, and fantstic company! :)

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Kari said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I miss American Fork Canyon. :( The Brad Paisley concert sounds like so much fun. Looks like this boy is a keeper. :)