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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lovin' Utah!

It's officially been a week now that I've been calling Utah home again, and even though I've spent the majority of that lying around in a bed, I can honestly say....I LOVE UTAH!!! It just might have a little something to do with the fact that it's been in the mid 80's all week (compare this with seering 110 AZ heat I left last week). I love the fact that when I went outside the other night, I had to bring a jacket with me, just in case! (I was going to post pictures, but just realized I haven't taken any this week.....so enjoy sunset at Bear Lake!! It's only 2 weeks old, so recent enough :)

I am feeling worlds better in the health department. Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and well wishes for getting better. I remember the moment I overheard the Doctor urgently order a "Mono Spot" and the words "94% positive.....Mono.....Alamo....Room #7...." came drifting back to me that interesting night I spent in the care of ER's oh-so-not-comfortable services. I was in complete denial and a feeling of devestation came over me with what Mono would mean for me as I moved states and was scheduled to start a new job--a dream job--in just 2 days. I had a good 2 hours to mull the idea over and accept the fact before Dr. TX (Yep, that was his name--Tex. He came complete with rattlesnake cowboy boots!!), before he came in and dropped the news. He said it so gravely......he kinda scared me. It was like he was telling me I had terminal cancer. Seriously, it's just Mono.

What I have come to discover however is that.....bedrest ain't so bad :) Actually, I've come to realize it's a matter of attitude. Sure, a few days have beeen mind-boggingly boring as I've itched to get outside and have a little fun. Sure, it's both frustrating and a major guilt trip that I've put my brand new school in the position of starting school without a teacher (or a replacement). However, I've also come to relish this rare occasion to have TIME. My room is nearly all put together and unpacked (wait....that might not technically be "bedrest" activities....so....shhhhh!), catch up on some books, email friends and family, and basically....just BREATHE! I've actually really loved the thinking time & non-rushed scripture study. I could still do better with that, but it's been a great time to reflect.

I've come to realize these past few months what is important and who is in control (hint: it's not me). I have been humbled (and then humbled again when I don't get it the first through third times), my patience tried, my faith tested. It's been an interesting journey--a whirlwind that has come so quickly, and yet moved so slowly at times. At this point, all I know is how extremely blessed I am, and how grateful I am to "the true and living God" (Moroni says it a lot in the last chapter of Mormon--I love the phrase. We're given this time on earth to come to know and serve the True and Living God.)

I am greatful that I even though I'm sick, I'm not in pain. I'm greatful at the huge improvements I've seen in my health--especially the signs that my Liver is doing better. I'm greatful to be eating solid foods again--even if it is just Hamburger Helper noodles, minus the hamburger! I'm greatful I have an excuse to buy & drink Naked Juice (that stuff is divine!! Way too expensive, but simply heavenly :). I'm greatful for loving family & friends who have been so supportive. And I am greatful for the feeling of peace and calm I have right now--even when everything that I think is so important to my life right now seems to be dangling on a cliff about to fall right out of my life. It's been interesting to see the important things to me threatened, and to feel a peace that even if I lose them, life will be okay. In fact, life will still thrive, and march forward. God is in control. There's a huge peace that comes with that knowledge. I keep thinking of President Gordon B. Hinckley's advice he constantly gave out--"All will work out. Stick with it, with time, all will work out."

Anyway, enough philosophizing :) Point is (here's the cliff notes version people can jump to for the udpate!) I am feeling better! I am happy, and life is good :) Rob and I discovered a Nickel Cade around the corner from my house today too (It's an archade with old games from the 80's, and everything's a nickel to play. We went in with 5 bucks worth of nickel's, played our hearts out, and still walked out with a cupfull of change.)---It was a good day :)

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Heidi said...

Glad you're feeling better and enjoying Utah and the nice weather. Did Rob survive the trip out there without catching mono from you? ;p ...Hope you have a great week!